Corporate culture

One of the cornerstones of our success is the highly skilled workforce committed to our business.
The advantage in long-term commitment is that we have the opportunity to accumulate high level of experiential knowledge, creating us an advantage on the market.
Our organisation manages human resources by conscious principles, with a special eye on, among other things, talent management, a mentoring programme and career support.

Because we seek high commitment from our employees, we aim to create positive work atmosphere. We focus on fostering relationships based on equal opportunities and trust. We take care of the safety and health of our employees. We pay close attention to compliance with the relevant work and accident prevention regulations, and we provide appropriate working conditions.

We have an “open door” policy. All our employees have the opportunity to discuss their issues directly with their managers. We support their development, offering stability and reliability: our employees can count on us in the long run.
In addition to the continuous development of the company, our employees are constantly given opportunities to develop and progress, which is also a motivating and retaining factor.
Our goal is for our employees to start and end their careers with us.


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