We are committed to sustainable growth.

Enviromental Protection

Z Electronika has the responsibility to take all possible steps to protect the environment. In November 2020, we built and implemented ourISO 14001 Environmental Management System, which was successfully certified in the spring of 2021. We assessed the environmental risks in accordance with the requirements of the Environmental Management System and then took measures to reduce emissions and energy consumption. We consciously manage our waste and optimize all our work processes based on environmentally friendly aspects.


In an increasingly urbanised world, the products we use every day leave an ecological footprint from their production to disposal. To reduce this, we at Z Elektronika look to produce durable, high-quality and long-life products. To the best of our ability, we pay attention to limiting the amount of waste generated during production. Waste is selected, compacted and baled, regularly disposed of and recycled. Our partner in waste management is Biokom Nonpofit Kft.


Z Elektronika is committed to tackling climate change. Our goal is to supply all our energy needs through renewable resources. In the spirit of sustainability, we pay special attention to the energy efficiency measures of our plant, which we will gradually modernise during our development.


Z Elektronika aims to protect people and the environment from harm. We strive to avoid accidents at work. We adhere to the requirements of the European Union and the RoHS regulations in all cases.

Our employees participate in an annual health check examination.


In our social responsibility policies, our management recognises human rights, equal opportunities, fair working conditions and adheres to occupational health and safety standards. (Corporate culture)
We try to shape our corporate culture by putting the interests of our employees first. In the spirit of social responsibility, we also employ people with reduced capacity to work, and actively support sports clubs.


We believe that continuous development and foresight are parts of sustainability. We participate in training the next generation, with our own Industrial Measurement Technology course at the University of Pécs. We provide training for participants in vocational and advanced-level dual education. We offer internships for students and are happy to work with young graduates. We encourage our employees to develop, both individually and within the framework of a mentoring program.
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