Our History

Z Elektronika is one of the most dynamically developing companies in the electronics industry in Hungary.

1997 - 2007

The predecessor of our company was founded in 1997 as "Zákány Elektronikai Kft". Initially, it specialised in the development and manufacture of elevator products. In 2007, the ownership of the company changed, exploring new areas in electronics industry while continuing cooperation with the existing elevator industry partners.

2008 - 2010

While both adding to the number of our employees and mechanising work processes, we were able to increase production volume and quality. It was during this period that we introduced our first automated SMT production line.

2011 - 2018

Thanks to the trust of our customers, we increased our capacity further and automatised as many work processes as possible. Based on our own experience and the needs of our customers, we started to develop a production management system, which later grew to cover the entire production process. Our production area was doubled. We continued to develop our corporate organisation with a greater emphasis on quality management and customer relationships. Based on customer expectations, we carried out further technical developments.


With increased order volume, we moved to our own site, which provided an opportunity for further expansion. As our production grew, we also initiated quality modernisations. We developed our own production support system, automated certain parts in our processes, which facilitated the development of our capacity.


We have been preparing the next phase of capacity expansion. Our newest building unit is now under construction. When completed, this addition will have increased our plant area to 3,500 m2 from the current 2,000 m2. We will have a larger production area, new storage space, additional offices and social space. This investment allows us to create even more value for our customers, employees and the region.


We are looking for new challenges.

Our plans include becoming a solid partner in the electronics industry in Hungary and Europe. We believe that the products we make and the representation of our sustainable corporate values will help steer the world toward a better and more viable future.

The history of Z Elektronika, based on the report of László Dallos, founder and managing director.

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