Electronic production

Are you looking for an electronics manufacturer with complex service for the mass production of your product?

We develop our procurement, production and testing methods to meet your needs. Throughout our cooperation we aim to save you time, money and assets.

Our wide range of services is at your disposal to save you additional resources:

Manufacturability test

During the test, we check the suitability of the product for production in cooperation with you and our experts. The availability of the necessary parts and technology is assessed in this phase. The manufacturing technology may be different for small volume and serial production. If necessary, we will propose changing the plans.

Preparation for manufacturing

Our experienced team makes sure that the preparation for manufacturing is carefully planned. Together with you, we develop technologically and economically viable solutions. During the process, we take into account the conditions and requirements that may affect the production.

Our knowledge helps avoid interruptions and ensures a smooth production process.

Process development

During process development, our engineers work to find and apply the most efficient processes to the manufacturing of your products. This step ensures cost-effectiveness.

Procurement of raw materials

Over the years we have established close relationships with our key partners. We call for competition between suppliers and are open to finding new sources to get the best prices. This way we can always pick the right offer, from sample to mass production. We only use quality, well-established parts in production.

Our use of parts can be checked/traced thanks to our tracking system. Our orders can be monitored in our system.

We have a safety stock of standard parts in our warehouse.

Prototyping and mass production

Do you need a prototype quickly and efficiently? We undertake small-scale production with short deadlines and low cost for small quantities. Throughout prototype production, relevant product information is at your disposal, making the quick start of mass production possible. The prototype reduces the risks involved in mass production, giving you the opportunity to leave your competitors behind. Our service allows you to evaluate, modify, or present your product to your customers and investors before serial production begins.

We have high-speed production lines that meet the latest needs, with technical parameters corresponding to the current trends. (f. ex.: the assembly of high-complexity products, implanting custom-shaped components). We have the necessary capacity.

With our production equipment available, we are able to fulfil a wide range of customer expectations. We collect detailed information on each step of the manufacturing process, which makes accurate product traceability data available on demand.

We use several methods to test our products. Through continuous technical development, we keep pace with rapidly changing technological challenges. We have advanced SMT production lines, along with other technologies:

Wave soldering equipment

Industrial X-ray

Functional test

Conformal coating

ICT (In-Circuit Test)

AOI (Automated Optical Inspection)

Liquid dispensing (f.ex.: underfill, glue)

Cable assembly

We produce customised validation test cables, and we also undertake the production of cables for manufactured products.

CNC machining

In addition to the production of our own manufacturing tools, we are happy to machine individual product components and enclosures.


We are here to assemble complex products, or even provide you with their shelf-ready packaging.

Tracking the process and components plays a vital role in both assembly and packaging, thus you are guaranteed the perfect end result.

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