Hungarian Multi Program III. – Support for the complex development of small and medium-sized enterprises with outstanding growth potential

2021. April 27.

Beneficiary name: Z Electronics Development, Manufacturing and Trading Limited Liability Company
Project title: Construction of a new production hall and expansion of production machine capacities and efficiency improvement at Z Elektronikai Kft.
Amount of contracted support: HUF 499,999,341
Subsidy level: 50 %
Planned date of physical completion of the project: 29.07.2022
Project identification number: GINOP-1.2.7-20-2021-00005

Presentation of the project content:

In the framework of the project, we carried out further modernization and expansion of our machine lines (1 pc Panasonic printing machine, 2 pcs Panasonic embedding machine, 2 pcs Quattro Peak L reflow furnace, 1 pc Pillarhouse Fusion selective soldering equipment, 1 pc MPB serial rack system, 1 pc EKX 410 electric forklift, 1 pc CNC machining center, 1 pc M-YAMAHA-YSi-V Automatic optical inspection equipment)

The multi-functional building built as part of the investment allows for increased efficiency and further expansion of capacity.

The implemented IT developments were partly necessitated by the expanding capacities, and partly serve the development of product development activities directly.

The introduced and certified complex quality assurance system was a significant step forward in terms of the development and saleability of our own products.

Consultancy services used for the more efficient operation of our company: preparation of a business plan, financial advice, organization development.

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